søndag 11. mai 2014

Mønster/Pattern: ButtBuddy

Yarn; Kauni Effektgarn 8/2
Needles; 5,5 mm
Hook; 5,5 mm for picot

CO 127 sts.
Row 1; K 126, P1.
Row 2; s 1, K61, s1 k2tog, psso, K61, p1
Row 3; s1, K 123, P1
Row 4; s1, K60, s1 k2tog psso, K60, P1.

Continue with row 3 and 4. There will be 2 sts less after all decreasing rows.
When you have 3 sts left;

S1, k2tog, psso = 1 st left.
Do not break off yarn.

Now you’ve a square.

Knit up sts on one edge first, (the left edge at this picture.)

Row 1 – 19; s1, knit to last st, p1. Turn.
Row 20; Bind off to last st.

Now you have 1 st on your needle.
Knit up sts on next edge and repeat row 1-20.

Knit like this till your work is big enough. I knitted like this 8 times.

When your work is big enough, crochet a round with picot;
Take the last st on your hook 5,5 mm.
Ch 3, insert hook into st at base of ch, thread over hook and draw through lps

When there is picot on all 4 edges, break of yarn and weave in ends.

Now it’s time to felt, by hand or in machine. Felt to wanted size.
I felt mine in machine at 40 degrees (Celcius) with other clothes.

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